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Fatigue Buddy 2.0
The Best In-Truck Fatigue Compliance Guide Program for Drivers         

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Fatigue Buddy: Helps Drivers Avoid Fatigue Breaches and Fines by WARNING drivers BEFORE breaches occur.

Fatigue Buddy: is a simple-to-use but comprehensive In-Truck Compliance Guide.

YOU Don’t Need to be an Expert the Fatigue Buddy Does it All For You.

It's like having a friendly Fatigue Management Regulations expert sitting next to the driver
Fatigue Buddy v.2.0 - Released 01/09/2012 Includes:
  • The New 24 hr Counting Time Rule
  • Allows Users to Turn the Laptop On and Off if they want to save power etc. If the Program was Set to 'Work' when it went off, it will Automatically update all the Previous Periods to 'Work' when you turn it back on. The same applies if you're setting it to 'Rest'.
  • Manual Data Entry Option- this allows you to correct any errors or do major data entry such as entering several work blocks of any length on any given day or even a number of days, very quickly and easily.
  • A Compliance TODAY Tab so you can track how your Compliance is going for the Current Working Day.
  • A Compliance HISTOY Tab so you can look back on the past 27 days of Data and see where the Breaches were if there were any, and why is was recorded as a Breach.
WITH A SIMPLE CLICK Fatigue Buddy removes the stress and drama for Drivers in managing their fatigue and compliance.
It also helps meet your business' legal duties under the Fatigue laws, whilst keeping your drivers safe and helping to protect your Business and drivers from major fines that drivers can easily rack up through simple mistakes. 

At just $495 (incl GST) the Fatigue Buddy is exceptional value - especially when you consider the fines.

Extra Licences are Available at a Discounted Rate: $330 each for the 2nd to 10th licence and just $220 each for the 11th and subsequent licences (GST incl) per order.

(Multiple Licences can only be processed through the SAMS Office. If you are interested, Print Out the Order Form and send it through via Fax on 8445 8199 or email on: )


The Fatigue Buddy gives Truck Drivers the help and guidance they need in the cab to ensure they comply with the very complex Fatigue Management laws and avoid frequent fines for mistakes that can happen every day and result in fines from $500 to $2,000 (and even up to $10,000).

The most common breaches (and thus expensive) are:
  • Exceeding the maximum Work hours in a 24 Hr Period (under BOTH the complex SA/VIC Rule and the simpler Qlnd/NSW Rule);
  • Missing or late Short Rests;
  • Inadequate or late Sleep Rests; and
  • Inadequate or late 24 Hr Rests.
Avoiding these errors requires constant checking and calculating by the driver - and then they'll still make errors.
So Drivers need simple easy to follow guidance that warns them BEFORE they breach the rules.
That's why SAMS developed the Fatigue Buddy to help drivers avoid breaches (and fines).
With Just ONE CLICK, the Fatigue Buddy continually tracks the Driver's Work & Rest and WARNS them when:
  • They Will Breach the Hrs in the Prior 24 Hrs Rule;
  • The Deadlines by when they must START their NEXT:
    • Short Rest;
    • Sleep Rest; and
    • 24 Hr Rest.
Fatigue Buddy also checks and records Compliance with ALL the rules, including:
  • The New 24 Hr Counting Time Rule
  • The Night and Long Hours rule (BFM);
  • Total Work in 7 Days, 14 days and 28 days; and
  • Night Rests and Consecutive Night Rests in 14 Days.


When you have started the Fatigue Buddy the Main Screen is displayed, as below. This screen displays your current compliance status and the four key deadlines for rests, based upon the data recorded at any point in time.

Once it is running (as soon as you clicked “Yes” when the Fatigue Buddy asked  if you wanted to Start using it or whenever you CLICK the BLUE “Change Activity” button) - then the Fatigue Buddy will just keep automatically tracking and recording your Work & Rest Hours and check your compliance as you go.

YOU JUST CLICK THE BLUE "CHANGE ACTIVITY" Button  -  Fatigue Buddy does the rest. 

You do NOT need to do anything else - EXCEPT to CLICK the BLUE “Change Activity” Button whenever you Start a WORK period or a REST period. At the end of the shift, just click the Save and Close button.


On this screen, the Fatigue Buddy shows you:
· The Date and Time                                         AND The 4 main rest deadlines under the:      
· The Total Hours Worked Today                                  · Hrs Work In Prior 24 Hours Rule;
· The Work Pattern for Today and Yesterday                 · The 24 Hour Rest Rules.
. The Max Hrs Work in PRIOR 24 hrs                           · The SHORT Rest Rules; and
· The Current Activity - Work or Rest                            · The SLEEP Rest Rules.
· The Driver’s details                                                      
· If the day Complies or Breaches
· The Hours Option - BFM/Standard
· Solo or 2Up Driving

The Fatigue Buddy calculates and SHOWS HOW LONG THE DRIVER must REST if they have exceeded their legal work Hours in the Prior 24 Hrs and tells the driver what time they must rest until to bring their Hrs in the Prior 24 Hrs back to the legal limit, as shown in the above screen image.

To help drivers avoid breaches before they occur, as the various REST deadlines approach, the Fatigue Buddy alerts the driver by showing the approaching deadline in MAGENTA, as shown below. These warning periods vary from 30 Minutes before Short Rests, 60 Minutes before Sleep Rests and 24 Hrs before a 24 Hr Rest is required. IF the driver passes the deadline without starting Rest, that deadline turns RED


COMLIANCE HISTORY: Today and Previous 27 Days

A simple click of the "Compliance Today" tab displays the full compliance analysis for the current date.

OR, to see the compliance results for any of the preceeding 27 days, just click the "Compliance History" tab and then select the required date from the scroll list at upper left of that screen, like this:


 The Fatigue Buddy records the most recent 28 days of data.



The Manual Data Entry Option allows you to correct any errors you make or do major data entry such as entering several work blocks of any length on any given day or even a number of days, very quickly and easily.

This page was developed so that Users can turn the Laptop On and Off if they want to save power or if the Machine goes to sleep while they are driving etc.

If the Program was Set to 'Work' when it went off, it will Automatically update all the Previous Periods to 'Work' when you turn it back on. The same applies if you're setting it to 'Rest'.




If the driver has had some days off, then when they turn the Fatigue Buddy on, it automatically resets the data accordingly by inserting the missing dates as Rest Days and sets up the current date.

Fatigue Buddy then CHECKS the driver's name and ID number, as shown below, before ADVISING the driver when they can legally commence work, based on the data already in the Fatigue Buddy as explained below.

The driver can then confidently sit back, do their job and not worry about their Fatigue Management compliance, provided that they just click the "Change Activity" Button to switch between "Work" or "Rest" at each change of activity.



Fatigue Buddy simplifies data entry of Work Diaries. A single click downloads data from the Fatigue Buddy (onto a memory stick for handing into the office with the driver's paperwork, or it can be emailed to the office) for importing into SAMS Fatigue Database, using our simple inbuilt import tool,  for fast and simple data entry. 


Driver's Details:

When you launch the Fatigue Buddy it opens with a Dialogue Box (at right) that shows you the Driver’s  Details currently stored by the software.
It asks if you want to CHANGE the Driver’s Details. IF you do want to change these details, just CLICK “Yes” and then type the  new details into the next couple of Dialogue Boxes that then open up.  Otherwise, to keep the current details, just CLICK “No”.
The Driver’s ID Number is an optional field that can be used to record an ID Number (like a Staff number) that the business uses to identify records relating to that driver - such as their ID number from the SAMS Fatigue Database.


Legal Start Time:

The Fatigue Buddy will then display the time that the driver can legally START work (at left) - BASED on the data that has been recorded in it up until then.
On the first day of use, the legal start time is 12AM on the current date.
The Fatigue Buddy  asks you in this same message if you want to start using it. If you do, just CLICK “Yes”. This will set the Activity type to “Work” and the Fatigue Buddy will start to track your Work and Rest  Hours and assess your compliance and indicate when you need to start various rests.
If you do NOT want to start using the Fatigue Buddy, just CLICK “No”.  Then you can use the Blue “Change Activity” button to start the Fatigue Buddy whenever you're ready. 



 System Requirements:

The Fatigue Buddy requires Microsoft Excell 2007 or later and will run on a small laptop/notebook, laptop or PC.
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